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SHAREtheFIRE Youth Program

Set your youth group ABLAZE.


About SHAREtheFIRE Youth Conferences

Scarrella Ministries has a heart for the youth of America. In an effort to reach America’s youth Scarrella Ministries developed SHAREtheFIRE Youth. Share the FIRE regional youth conferences gather teens and young adults from all church backgrounds with the main objective of allowing the power of God to touch each one of them!

Each SHAREtheFIRE conference is full of fun, games, giveaways, but most importantly, a powerful time in the Lord. Youth attending a SHAREtheFIRE conference will be ministered to throughout the entire weekend as Scarrella Ministries combines hard-hitting heart issues while providing each teen with a relaxed, exciting, and energetic atmosphere. By the end of the conference teens will have gone from being among those receiving ministry to ministering and sharing the Gospel of Jesus themselves.


Here are some testimonies from former attendees.

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“I would like to thank God for allowing Scarrella Ministries to come to my church. We recently hosted a Share the FIRE Youth Conference at our church and it was awesome! Tom and the team really helped our youth group push past the ordinary and hunger after the fire of God in our lives. My youth group was touched, changed, and BRANDED with a fire to pursue the impossible. I am so thankful for the outpouring of God’s spirit on my youth since the Share the FIRE Youth Conference and to see how priceless true revival fire is.
I endorse Scarrella Ministries and the Share the FIRE Youth Conference and say to any youth pastor considering their ministry: Prepare for the Fire!!! Thank you Tom and Susie for all you do in the kingdom and what you did for my youth.”
— Terrelle Wilson. -Pastor
“I had no idea what to expect, but I was shocked at what God did in me and through me.”
— Teen Attendee
“I invited two of my friends from school to the Share the FIRE conference that was held at my church. Neither of my friends were saved, but they decided to give their whole life to Jesus that night. I am so happy I brought them.”
— Teen Attendee
“In all my years of ministry and attending many other teen conferences and rallies I’ve never seen the Lord show up in a place with such power among the youth like at a SHAREtheFIRE Youth Conference!”
— Jan Bozeman. -Pastor
“I realized the youth in my church had grown complacent with church – bored to be honest. I took our entire youth group to attend the Scarrella Ministries Share the FIRE conference in Minneapolis. Since that weekend the youth in my church have more zeal, passion, and power of God working in their lives than many of their parents. They have become my prayer warriors and my encouragement. I am amazed at how God used that time to change the direction of not just my youth group, but the entire church. I believe with youth on fire for Jesus we really can win our cities back.”
— Mike. -Pastor

This generation must be set ablaze with the glory of God.


Since Scarrella Ministries began holding SHAREtheFIRE regional youth conferences in 2000, many teens that have been called into the ministry and currently serving in ministry.


This conference has witnessed hundreds of youth and young adults saved, healed, delivered, and set free. During SHAREtheFIRE – Midwest in 2001 during a time of ministry we witnessed several teens manifesting demons and were set free by the power of Jesus.

This generation must be set ablaze with the glory of God. We know that this is the heart of the Father and that is why each SHAREtheFIRE is another chance for your youth and young adults to encounter Jesus so that they may say, “I’ll never be the same again!”


Host a SHARE the FIRE Youth Event

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