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Here are some of our favorite testimonies that we have received.
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The following testimonials have been offered to Scarrella Ministries by individuals in the body of Christ from around the world. These testimonies are written in their own words and have released and authorized the use of their testimony to Scarrella Ministries (TSM) for the use and purpose of promoting the Kingdom of God and the message of the Gospel of Jesus.

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I have a wonderful testimony that I would like to share with you. Last night I watched your service on UStream. Worship was good, but then you preached on yielding to the Holy Spirit. For seven years I’ve been asking God to fill me up to speak in tongues. My pastor told me that some get tongues and others don’t. I never really believed him. While you preached it was like a giant scoop of faith hit me and I just sat in my office chair, closed my eyes, opened my mouth, yielded and then began to speak. The most beautiful language came out along with a warm stream of tears down my cheeks. Soon I started even singing in tongues. Today I knew I had to write to you and thank you for the anointed teaching. It really set me free and gave me such joy and happiness and peace.
— Jenny. -Wisconsin
“When you guys came to our church a few years ago and had two weeks of revival meetings the people were so hungry for God’s presence. I found out months before that my daughter was cutting herself and she would growl at us if we asked her to go to church! She hated church as it was not relatable to her. She came that first night when the fire of God fell and she started laughing uncontrollably and the pastors were going up there to stop her, but Susie was next to me and said, ‘we see this same thing every night all over the world! So, just let her be.’ So, I stopped the pastors from stopping her laughter. Each night she was getting delivered and the joy of the Lord replaced depression. Her life has never been the same. She never went back into the world after those meetings. She learned to play guitar and now leads worship at a church and credits her change to those meetings. My wife, my youngest daughter and myself were so touched and liberated by those meetings - there was no screaming in judgment and hellfire, and yet there was conviction - no jokes and yet there was laughter.”
— Tom. -New York
I’m a partner. Thanks for feeding me a great word each month. I always thought of myself as a Christian who is called to help fund the kingdom work in other ministries. Then I went through your evangelism training and went out street witnessing with you, Susie and the team. Oh my! I led three people to Jesus in less than one hour. That’s more than the last 12 years of being a devoted Christian combined. That night in the service I was the one crying and crying. I cried because Jesus radically saved me 12 years ago and I took it for granted. I never really shared Him with others. Now I’m addicted to sharing Jesus. I’ve led six more people to God and now I always pray for the sick. Now my Christian ministry is about so much more. I AM BEING CHRIST TO MY CITY! I’m living VISION61.
— Joyce. -Florida
Lately The Holy Spirit led me to pray for a Muslim lady in the street and she was both healed and set free instantly. Since then she has invited me to her home to pray for her family and she also has brought her friends for me to pray for. Every time she witnessed their healing and freedom. When I prayed for her I made her to repent to God and ask God to set her free and fill her with The Holy Spirit. She and her family have been enjoying drastic changes in their lives. Now a few days ago, she went to visit her Muslim friend who complained about a deep headache. She then remembered what she saw me doing and she laid hands on her friend and she too was healed right there and then! She has not yet fully given her life to Jesus, she is still holding on to Islam, but I see her heart and that of her family are warming up to Jesus. One of her sisters even had a dream about Jesus last week and her daughter, as I was praying for her, saw Jesus coming to her and she was so moved and did not know what to make out of it...
— Gladys. -United Kingdom
Thanks for putting Muskegon on your travel ministry list. Thanks also for calling ones up for prayer. Thank God for His healing hand. Friday’s message of walking in the Spirit and not fulfilling the Law of the flesh was RIGHT ON.
— Anonymous. -Muskegon, MI
Tom and Susie, I thought I’d send you an update since my prayer request for my heel… Praise the Lord! There is still some discomfort, but it no-longer affects my walking. The Lord also is healing me of tiredness and my eyes hurting. I’ve gone a few days now without a nap and today my eyes didn’t hurt! Plus on top of it all, I’ve cut down on my ADD medicine. Thanks again! And God Bless you for all you do.
— Dawn. -Minnesota
Dearest Brother Tom Scarrella, I must thank you for preaching the word of God. I just listened to your sermon called ‘Come Up Higher’. I must say WOW, WOW, WOW! I believe God sent me this word from you at just the right time. Your words confirmed so much for me and for my ministry. I am coming up HIGHER!
— Gaile. -Georgia


"I know God put you & Susie in our lives..."

 – Jonathan B in Florida


Two weeks before you were at our church I had written in my diary about being stuck in my depression and that I wanted to commit suicide. I can’t remember a time when depression and suicide weren’t a part of me. They were lifelong companions. Brother Tom called people up for deliverance from depression. I ran. No blinding lights or heavenly music was heard and I don’t even remember him touching me. But, I knew I was delivered because I went home that day laughing at everything, even things that weren’t normally funny. I finally felt good. The next day the same voices came back and that night you had a word of knowledge for a lady who was hearing voices of suicide. I was concerned about what my family was thinking because they didn’t know about it, but I went forward again. When you two began to pray over me I fell to the floor on my face. I can’t tell you what happened to me, but I can tell you that since then I am so much at peace. I am happy all the time. I was never able to sit alone in a quiet place because of the voices. Now I hear only one voice – Jesus! Thank you for changing my life. God is amazing.
— Ksmith12
For the last 3 years I have heard but not really believed teachings on sowing and reaping. In your last visit to Puerto Rico I was moved not only by a word on giving. We gave an offering which went above what our budget could handle and both I and my wife received the number in our hearts within one minute of each other. We gave in faith and felt so good about blessing your ministry. Since that night we have seen such an increase in our finances that we were able to buy our own property close to the beach and our local church and also pay of the mortgage ahead for two years! On top of that we are experiencing real prosperity, we have no debts at all and every time we feel from God to give we are totally free to do so! God has blessed us so much and all it took was one act of obedience.
— Carlos & Kathryn. -Puerto Rico
Before I came to your service tonight I never felt I was good enough to be a Christian. Then Jesus became so real to me when you prayed. I actually felt Him reach out and hold me. I can feel him…I am good enough because He did it all.
— Joyah
My wife and I attended both Tuesday and Wednesday and it was amazing. My wife has lived with chronic pain for 5 years and during the first night Tom healed several with migraines and at one point you mentioned nerve pain and my wife’s nerve instantly diminished to the lowest point in 5 years. The final night she went up front for laying of hands and again had significant reduction in pain. Thank you for spreading the Word and doing the work of the Spirit!
— Bill. -New York
Ever since our conference with you guys here at our church in Greeley we’ve had a great boldness to share Christ with people! Last night we lead 9 people to the Lord in the outreach we did! Praise God!
— Pastor Jesse. -Colorado

Tom and Susie, At the revival meetings last weekend I laughed and laughed and laughed. It is said that the shortest distance between people is laughter. Bringing the Holy Ghost to our church brought Peace, Joy, and Righteousness. I was changed forever, healed, and imparted with LIFE. Church will never be the same.
I feel so free and joyous. My back feels great! Thanks for yielding your lives to the Father. Can’t wait to see you soon!
— Theresa. -California

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' I was changed forever, healed, and imparted with LIFE.'

– Theresa in California