Operation: mercy

You were made for so much more.

Several years ago, Tom and Susie formed operation: MERCY with the desire to impact the nations spiritually and also practically. While on the East Africa mission field in 2006, the overwhelming compassion of Christ consumed them both and with that they realized that while they could not save and rescue each and every orphaned children in East Africa, they could become part of the solution to as many as possible. In the weeks following their return, Operation: MERCY was born.

"Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked." — Psalm 82:4

REVIVAL HOUSE East Africa Orphanage Project

We are on a mission to raise $300,000, which will be used to purchase the land, build our REVIVAL HOUSE East Africa orphanage, and sustain its operation for its pivotal first five years.
An estimated 6 million children are orphans in just Uganda and Tanzania alone.
REVIVAL HOUSE will be a home parented by Spirit-filled, Christian “mothers and fathers” who will provide their children with food, clothing and shelter in a full care facility. REVIVAL HOUSE children will be shown and taught the unconditional love of Jesus and they will attend school as they are transformed into strong, dauntless Christians who will become a powerful impact in their world.

Rescuing Sex Trafficked Victims

In cooperation with other hands-on ministries, operation: MERCY is involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of young girls and boys, men and women, caught in the sex-trafficking trade.
An estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked every year.
These rescued ones are liberated from the shackles of sex slavery and given a stable transformational home with which to rehabilitate them to productive, healthy, secure Christian believers. Many of those we’ve been able to help rescue now testify of the amazing power of God that has taken them from a life of shame and embarrassment to a life of victory through Jesus!

Get involved.

Missions work can be a very difficult thing. There are a lot of moving parts, unexpected costs, and the ever-increasing need for more people to help out. There are two main ways that you can help us make the dreams that we have for operation: MERCY become a reality.

Support financially.

You can be part of miracle missions. These kinds of projects can get expensive, and we need your help. Click here to make a donation to Operation: Mercy. Thank you for your heart of love and compassion. Join us and invest in something bigger than you can do on your own. Won’t you cast your nets with us for a net-breaking catch?

Join us in the field.

Do you feel called to visit other nations to spread the Gospel? Perhaps you’re more of the hands-on type. You want to get directly involved and see the people whose lives you would be impacting with the gift of your service. That’s great! You can join us on an upcoming missions trip! Please contact us directly and mention that you are interested in joining us in the field and we will respond to you as soon as we are able.